Joseph wanted photos with his grandpa’s 1961 Volvo.

August 31, 2021

Joseph wanted photos with his grandpa’s 1961 Volvo, a car he begs to drive every time we go see my parents. There is one thing you must know about Joseph, he will NOT let me pick out his clothes. He is very aware of the vibe he wants to give off. I guess he doesn’t like my nerdy tastes. Of course, I didn’t either at that age. My “mom” leggings and ball cap developed slowly over time until I finally got the look perfected.

Do you have a vision for your senior photos? A car you love or a sport you want to incorporate into your gallery? If you do, I would love to work with you in bringing that vision to life. Senior photos are about capturing that last moment of adolescence before you are thrust into adulthood. Trust me. You will be glad someday when you look back and see the things you loved back when life was more simple.


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